GUTH GAFA is preparing to give a HUGE Kells welcome to almost 40 international and Irish filmmakers from as far away as Australia, Siberia and Canada.

Despite operating on a micro budget, Guth Gafa manages to bring more filmmakers than any other Irish film festival. This wouldn’t the possible without the generous support of a wide range of organisations, listed in the programme.

Festival volunteers will pick up the first of the international guests from Dublin airport and deliver them to accommodation in and around Kells. During the festival they will take audience questions following the screening of their film and have a chance to meet people informally and see other films.

The visitors will include:

Alexander Abaturov,  Siberia, editor of We’ll Be Alright; Chronis Theocharis, Greece,  editor of The longest Run; Anna Persson, Shaon Chakaborty and  Anna Weitz; Sweden, directors and producer of Detained; Brendan Byrne, Ireland, director of 66 Days:Bobby Sands; Taggart Siegal, USA, director of Seed:The Untold Story  & The Real Dirt on Farmer John; Suzanne Crocker and her daughter Kate, Canada, director of All the Time in the World;

Amy Hardie, Scotland director of The Edge of Dreaming & Seven Songs for a Long Life;  Imam Hasanov and Veronika Janatkova, Azerbaijan, director and producer, Holy Cow;

Pieter Van de Pue, Herwig Deweerdt, Morgan Bushe, Belgium,  director, writer, producer, The Land of the Enlightened;

Andrea Pfalzgraf, Switzerland, director, Mahmud’s Escape;

Gayby-Baby_Maya Newell

Maya Newell, Australia, (pictured) director, Gayby Baby;

Stefano Tononi, Switzerland , Producer,  Carolina’s  World;

Salome Machaidze, Georgia, director, When the Earth Seems to Be Light;

Simen Braathen, Norway, director, Arctic Superstar;

Sylvain Biegeleisen and daughter, Noemi, Israel, director,

Twilight of a Life;

Paul Refsdal, Norway, director, Dugma: The Button;

James Demo, Padraig O’Malley, USA, director and subject, The Peacemaker;

Rob Alexander and Steve Reid, UK, directors, Gary Numan: Android in LaLaLand;

Jerry Rothwell, UK, director, Sour Grapes;

Klara Trencsenyi, Hungary , director, Train to Adulthood;

Una Ni Dhongahaille and her father, Donal, Ireland, director and subject, The Invisible Man;

 Ken Wardrop, Ireland, director,  Mom and Me;

David Burke, Ireland, producer, Crash and Burn;

Niels Stokholm & Rita Hansen, Denmark, subjects of Good Things Await;

James Hedley and Mohammad Erfan, UK:  Virtual Reality filmmakers of Simon and Home:Aamir