The Islands And The Whales



Mike Day, UK, Scotland, Denmark, 2016, 82’

The remote Faroe Islands with their stark natural beauty and trenchant weather have few visitors; it’s an insular society, stoic and tough. Because no crops grow the Faroese survive on fish, seabird and whale for protein. Unfortunately it turns out that eating whale meat gives one an unhealthy dose of mercury – bad luck for the islanders who really, really, like whale and have done for centuries. But wait, who are these new arrivals, riding jet-skis and hoping to interrupt the latest whale butchery – a group of whale fanciers with green credentials. ‘Can’t you just be vegetarian?’  they implore the whale killers. The islanders’ spiritual minders, the legendary Huldufolk, are not keen on the new developments and grumble from the hills.










Mike Day is a cinematographer, director and producer from Scotland. Originally trained as a lawyer, Mike made the transition into film in 2009 when he headed off into the Scottish Outer Hebrides on a boat with a camera and met the Guga Hunters of Ness. The resulting documentary was commissioned by the BBC and screened internationally. The Islands and the Whales, which was released in 2016, has gone on to win awards and a BAFTA Scotland nomination and is due for UK release in 2017.

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Director: Mike Day

Producer: Mike Day

Camera: Mike Day

Editor: Mary Lampson, Nicole Hálová, Mike Day, Claire Ferguson, David Charap

Sound: Chris Barnett

Music: Antony Partos, Mike Sheridan



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Saturday 5th Aug, 2.00pm, Adam Room, Headfort House

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