The Arctic Camels

Karl Emil Rikardsen, Norway, 2019, 75’

It’s cold on the Norwegian island of Sørøya but very beautiful, especially in the summer, and Torarin and his sister Svalin are keen to get a horse to ride but their father has other ideas. ‘Why not get a camel,’ he says, ‘why not get two camels.’ And that’s the way the adventure started, with two very undisciplined camels joining the family. Only one problem though, they’re not keen on being ridden. Well the obvious person to ask about camels is a Mongolian and so the whole family relocates to Mongolia to stay with and learn from one of the world’s experts. Not certain that they have mastered the technique, camel master Adiya returns with them to instil some discipline into what must be the world’s most pampered pets. Adiya’s strict rules don’t go down well with the spoilt camels who seem to think they’re Scandinavian and can’t be bothered with Mongolian tradition.

Please see note on parental guidance below.

Karl Emil Rikardsen (born 1957) lives in Harstad, 300km north of the polar circle, in Norway. He is educated in philosophy, economics and media. His work experience includes the directing, writing and producing of more than 40 films; including single documentaries, documentary series and fiction films. Since 2000 he has dedicated
his work to the making of documentaries. A few of these have been targeting a younger audience. In 2004 he was one of the founders of the production company Relation04 Media.

Director: Karl Emil Rikardsen

Producer: Knut Skoglund, Karl Emil Rikardsen

Camera: Viggo Knutsen, Karl Emil Rikardsen

Editors: Tell Aulin, Bodil Kjærhauge, Klaus Heinecke

Sound: Rune Hansen

Music: Ville Langfeldt and Jakop Jansønn


Saturday 16th November, 12.00pm, Cinema 2

Sunday 17th November, 10:45am, Cinema 2


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Saturday 16th November, 12.00pm, Cinema 2


Sunday 17th November, 10:45am, Cinema 2