Power to the Children

Anna Kersting, Germany, 2017, 87’

The rural tranquillity of India belies the very real problems existing at village level as prejudice, alcohol abuse and gender-based violence undermine the progress made in transforming the country. But a revolution headed by youngsters is gaining traction across India – The Children’s Parliament, headed at national level by a dynamic 14 year old who’s visually impaired, addresses needs at grass roots level using simple social tools. Whether it’s streetlights out of order or garbage not collected, the kids find ingenious ways of shaming the grown-ups into action. Petitions and guerrilla theatre shine the spotlight on civic bungling but Swarna Lakshmi, Prime Minister of the National Children’s Parliament has grander plans and ends up at the United Nations to demand the inclusion of children in world politics.

Please see note on parental guidance below.

ANNA KERSTING is an author, director and producer. With a background in journalism she completed her film direction studys at the DFFB, German Film- and TV Akademie Berlin. POWER TO THE CHILDREN is her second documentary feature.

Director: Anna Kersting

Producer: Anna Kersting

Cinematographers: Ratheesh Ravindran

Editor: Katharina Fiedler

Sound: Johannes Kunz, Denis Elmaci

Music: Manickam Yogeshwaran

Website: http://www.powertothechildren-film.com/


Saturday 16th November, 11.45am, Cinema 1 (Q&A)


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