My Mother Is Pink



Cecilie Debell, Denmark/Germany, 2017, 75’

Road trips are always about discovering: not so much the new sights and sounds but rather one’s internal landscape. When Malou Gabriella and son Michael set off in Malou’s bright pink campervan it’s to heal their relationship. And colour is the order of the day as cross-dressing Michael has coloured his body bright blue for the trip. “This is not easy… I need a shield,” he says of the bonding voyage they have embarked upon. Clubbing their way across country the two exchange memories and Malou explains why she could not have been there for the young Michael. Director Cecilie Debell has taken a wrecking ball to the conventions governing mother son relationships with a film that is both exquisitely tender and outrageously free.










Cecilie Debell graduated from Roskilde University in 2015 with a degree in Journalism, and has since worked as a TV programme planner and post producer. She has made entertainment programmes for TV2, a documentary series for Ultra and a series of programmes about men for DRK. Previous small-scale projects include a Danida production in India and a short film in New York, but My Mother is Pink marks her film debut.

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Director: Cecilie Debell

Producer: Heidi Kim Andersen, Wenche Hugaas Jensen

Camera: Sebastian Danneborn, Troels Rasmus Jensen

Editor: Jella Bethmann

Sound: Flemming Christensen


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Saturday 5th Aug, 5.45pm, The Hangar Cinema, Headfort House (Q&A)

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