Meath-Made Secret Screening

 Ireland, 2019, 77’

Guth Gafa’s Secret Screening returns after a short absence with a powerful, animated, film noir documentary from a Meath-based director. We cannot tell you its name, its country of origin, the storyline, or the name of the director. What we can tell you is that this is a film that has had a World Premiere, but has not yet had its International or Irish Premiere, and this is why it is Guth Gafa’s Secret Screening. We don’t publish the name of the film, even after we’ve shown it, and we swear our audience to secrecy, as well.

But we do have a little riddle for you:

They seek him here, they seek him there
Steve McQueen should well beware
On your Marx now, let’s get started
The sad tale of a family parted

The night will be completed with the screening of the also Meath-made short film The Vasectomy Doctor by Paul Webster. 

Please see note on parental guidance below.


Sunday 17th November, 1.30pm, Cinema 2 (Q&A)


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Parental Guidance Note These films have been deemed appropriate by the Guth Gafa Programming Team as suitable for 12 year olds and up. However, parental discretion is always advised and we ask parents to consider the film synopsis and watch the film trailer before purchasing tickets.