Mahmud’s Escape – A Syrian family seeking refuge (Mahmud’s Flucht – eine syrische Familie unterwegs in die Schweiz)




FRI 5th AUG, 4.15PM 



Andrea Pfalzgraf, Kurt Pelda, Switzerland, 2016, 70’

Summer 2015: The Islamic State (IS) attacks a town in northern Syria. This convinces Mahmud to take his family to Europe. Mahmud used to be a rebel fighting Assad’s Regime but he also witnessed the rise of the IS and fought against the terrorists. The camera follows Mahmud from the trenches near Azaz to a centre for refugees in Switzerland. Mahmud’s small children are convinced that both the IS and Assad wanted to kill them. This film is a unique and moving documentary, not least because of its surprising closeness to the protagonists.


Mahmuds Escape_DirectorImage_AndreaPfalzgraf

Since 2009 Andrea Pfalzgraf works in the DOK and reporter team for Swiss Television. Her career started there in 1995 as a reporter. From 2000 she was a producer and realized several reportages, documentaries and documentary series. She then headed as an editor in chief for 5 years. By 2010, as a team leader Documentary department. She studied social pedagogy / social work at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne and journalism at the School for journalism St. Gallen. After an internship at the NZZ she published as a freelance print journalist for various Swiss media. Her focus is primarily on social issues.

Mahmuds Escape_DirectorImage_KurtPelda

Kurt Pelda completed his M.A (1993) and Phd (1999) in economics at Basel University, Switzerland. He went on to work as a journalist for NZZ, Zurich and became an international correspondent for New York, Africa and South-East Asia. Kurt then transitioned into documentary filmmaker with a focus on social issue.

Director: Andrea Pfalzgraf, Kurt Pelda

Producer: Belinda Sallin

Camera: Kurt Pelda, Ayoub Almadani, Issa Ahmed, Ueli Haberstich, Martin Schäppi

Editor: Eric Studer

Sound: Ruedi Müller



This Feature will be screened after the ICCL short ‘The Border’

Details of The Border can be found here:


Friday 5th Aug, 4.15pm, Adam Room, Headfort House (ticket covers both The Border & Mahmud’s Escape)

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