Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, Macedonia, 2019, 85’

Beekeeper Atidze lives with her aged and infirm mother in a deserted canyon – ancient drystack stone dwellings, now deserted, tell of another era, a more prosperous time in North Macedonia. It’s a spare life in this rocky landscape with no electricity or running water but Atidze has her mother to look after and her beloved bees for company – life has been simple up to now; before the visitors arrived. When Hussein Sam, his wife Ljutvie and seven children set up camp in the valley, chaos is loosed upon Atidze’s rural peace – a whirring gyre of caravan, children, chickens, truck parts, cattle, clutter and broken appliances, engulfs the good natured beekeeper. The natural order of the valley seems to have gone out of sync but Atidze perseveres with her good neighbourliness and it’s only when Hussein declares that he’d like to try beekeeping, that alarm bells sound.

Please see note on parental guidance below.

Tamara Kotevska
Born on 9th of August, 1993, in Prilep, Macedonia. Tamara won the Best Balkan Film award at the Tirana International Documentary Film Festival with her graduation documentary Studants (49’), supported by Trice Films and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts- Skopje. Her first professional environmental documentary Lake of Apples (27’), supported by UNDP (as writer and co-director) played at the International Nature Namur Festival, the Prix de l’environnement (2017) award in France, an Honorable mention at the Innsbruck Film Festival in Austria (2017), and the Perseus award at T-Festival in Brno, Czech Republic (2017).

Ljubomir Stefanov
Born 1975 in Skopje. Over 20 years of experience in development and production of communication concepts and documentaries related to environmental issues and human development. Working for clients such UN agencies, Euronatur, Swisscontact etc. Previous films include “The Noisy Neighbours” (2005) and “Lake of Apples” (2017)

Director: Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov

Producer: Atanas Georgiev

Cinematographer: Fejmi Daut and Samir Ljuma

Editor: Atanas Georgiev

Sound: Rana Eid

Website: https://honeyland.earth/


Friday 15th November, 7.45pm, Cinema 1 (Q&A)


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