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Maya Newell, Australia, 2015, 85’

At a time when the world is questioning the politics of same-sex families, Gayby Baby takes us into the homes and personal dramas of four kids approaching puberty under the guidance of gay parents. In his all-female household, GUS strives to work out what it means to be a “man”; EBONY struggles to find her voice as a singer and a place where her gay family will be accepted; MATT questions how the God his lesbian mums worship can also damn them to hell; and GRAHAM’s desire to read and win the approval of his dads is complicated by a move to Fiji, where homosexuality is frowned upon.

Told from the point of view of the kids, Gayby Baby  is a living, moving portrait of same-sex families that offers a refreshingly honest picture of what really counts in modern life.


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Maya Newell is an Australian filmmaker with a focus on directing for documentary.
After winning a scholarship for Sydney Film School and completing a BA Media & Communications, Maya made a mid-length documentary, Richard: The Most Interestingest Person I’ve Ever Met. Her award-winning short TWO screened at festivals internationally and she was awarded Best New Documentary Talent of Australia at AIDC, Adelaide Film Festival. Her recent film Growing Up Gayby, made in collaboration with Charlotte Mars, broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 2013.

Maya has spent the last four years filming in the homes of children being raised by gay and lesbian parents. GaybyBaby  raised more than $100,000 via crowdfunding, a record at the time for any Australian documentary, and was selected for Good Pitch Australia. The Gayby Baby team is now rolling out the first stages of a social impact campaign to promote family diversity in schools and communities. Gabby Baby is Maya’s debut feature.


Director: Maya Newell

Producer: Charlotte Mars

Camera: Maya Newell

Editor: Rochelle Oshlack

Music: Max Lyandvert




Friday 5th Aug, 7.45pm, Adam Room, Headfort House

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Sunday 7th Aug, 3.15pm, Cinemobile, Headfort House

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