Animation Programme Curated by
Leyla Jansen

Welcome to Planet Earth, where flowers bloom and creatures hide in the tall grass. Where whales sing and foxes frolic. Where the seas are rising, and trees are falling. Where concrete spreads and islands disappear…
But on this Planet Earth, there is hope. Natureʼs voice is rising, through generations young and old, some of us going back to nature, where we feel at home, some of us learning to embrace it.
It is not too late.

This selection of animated shorts for young and old celebrates nature, but doesnʼt ignore its cries for help. It showcases the beauty to be found on this planet, and hopefully inspires us to do better. For the sake of our flowers, our foxes, our whales, our children, and ourselves.

Please see note on parental guidance below.


Kids Under 10 Short Animation Programme

Saturday 16th November, 10.00am, Cinema 1 


Sunday 17th November, 11.00am, Cinema 1


Kids Over 10 Short Animation Programme

Saturday 16th November, 10.00am, Cinema 2



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Parental Guidance Note

Children under 12 years of age should be accompanied by an adult.