GREAT stories is what Guth Gafa is all about and this year’s festival delivers in spades.

From our opening thriller, Sour Grapes, about a conman who floods the world with fake wine under the noses of experts, to The Peacemaker, about an Irishman who brokers peace deals in the most dangerous parts of the world, this year’s programme is packed with stories of real life drama.

Over four days we will screen almost 70 films- including 24 Irish premieres and one world premiere -and welcome filmmakers from around the world.

And in a first for Guth Gafa, we will create a Virtual Reality pop-up cinema, showing a selection of short documentaries through VR technology that places the viewer in the middle of the action.

With an overall theme of Home, we bring you moving stories of people fighting for their freedom and of families displaced by war.

A riveting trio of films, Among the Believers, The Father, Son and Holy Jihad and Dugma explores what makes some people believe their homeland is worth dying for.

The multi-award winning Sonita, profiles a young Afghan refugee who channels her frustrations through rap music while Arctic Superstar introduces the hapless Nils, a Norwegian rapper trying to make it in a language that almost nobody understands.

Gayby Baby features four Australian kids who offer their unique perspective on life with gay parents. 

A farmer whose attempts to introduce a European cow to improve his family’s welfare in Azerbaijan, are met with resistance,  is the subject of Holy Cow.

Gary Numan: Android in LaLa Land catches up with the 80’s glam rock star, who married his biggest fan while Seed:the Untold Story warns of the threat to future food supplies from Biotech companies.

We bring you an exciting programme for teenagers, children and families.

We have films that cast a new light on disability and heartwarming stories like Twilight of a Life (picture above) that explore aging and dying in an uplifting way.

In our Irish selection we are screening the acclaimed new documentary, Bobby Sands:66 Days on the eve of its nationwide release.

And we look back at ten years of the Best of Guth Gafa.

There’ll be a young filmmakers’ camp, live music, great food, camping and the best of company in the most magnificent surroundings imaginable.

Stay tuned as all will be revealed in the coming days and snap up early bird passes for a festival you won’t want to miss.