We invited our visiting filmmakers to let us know how Guth Gafa was for them. Here’s what Helen Simon, director of the stunning No Lullaby says:


Guth Gafa was by far the most impressive, most beautiful festival experience I have had so far. I’ve been to many festivals worldwide with my film: IDFA, HotDocs, many large and small…but this was IT!
I’m still crying a little for having to leave:-) For the first time i had a communal feeling: the filmmakers, the audience, the staff and not to forget the unbelievable setting had grassroot power!
This is how it should be. No media, no competition, just the love for film embedded in a breathtaking landscape… and to understand that we as filmmakers are a community, each one of us with his or her own voice and ambitions coming together to nourish each other.
It was fantastic for me to not have to go to parties, not have to represent and do something… I could walk the forest, watch a film, talk to the many fascinating people around, sit in the eco bus, feel like I’m in the 70s and just be.
How wonderful is that?
Can it get any greater than that?
The only downside is it will take so long for me to have the next film done and who knows how it will be when it takes its first breath…
I feel honoured and grateful for having been part of the experience. You all made it happen. Thank you so much!
And please keep going. We need you!