The Deminer



Hogir Hirori, Shinwar Kamal, Sweden, 2017, 83’

The stiff-legged gait of the man in fatigues cuts an almost comical figure as he moves across the rocky field: he scans the ground before slowly moving forward; he stops, reaches down and grabs hold of a piece of wire – the detonator fuse. The man is the legendary Colonel Fakhir Berwari – The Deminer. In the chaos following the US invasion of Iraq, Saddam’s Baath party faithful embarked on a desperate rearguard campaign that saw the car-bomb and the landmine enter Iraqi daily life. They were everywhere: in fields, on roads, footpaths, in gardens and booby-trapped in vehicles. The landmines, first made from cooking pots, became increasingly sophisticated and powerful. But Colonel Fakhir learnt fast too and this film is based on footage he shot with a camcorder to bear witness to this plague – that had already cost him a leg.

Please see note on parental guidance below.

Hogir Hirori was born 1980 in Duhok, Iraqi kurdistan. In 1999, he fled to Sweden and lives since then in Stockholm. He works as a freelance photographer, editor and director. He runs his own production company Lolav Media.

Shinwar Kamal lives and works in the field of media and cinema since 2009, in Duhok (Iraqi Kurdistan). The Deminer was Shinwar’s directing debut. He has worked as assistant director on a number of other projects, such as; House Without a Roof, and The Black Storm.

Director: Hogir Hirori, Shinwar Kamal

Producer: ​Antonio Russo Merenda, Hogir Hirori

Camera​: Shinwar Kamal, Firas Bakrmani, Erik Vallsten

Editor: Hogir Hirori

Music: Mohammed Zaki



Sunday 22nd July, 2.30pm, The Adam Room Cinema (Q&A)


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