Science Fair

Nine high school students from disparate corners of the globe navigate rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their quest to the international science fair. Facing off against 1700 of the world's best and brightest, only one will be named Best in Fair. (FUSION)



Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster, USA, Brazil, Germany, 2018, 90’

In a world that’s become bored with rock stars, Kung Fu fighters and even the evergreen conflict-zone doctor, the science geek is the new hottest public property around. It’s intriguing to non-scientists how these modern day alchemists barely out of adolescence can challenge the received wisdom of the day. Make no mistake this is no better mousetrap these kids are tinkering with but stuff that often confounds even the judges, many of whom are Nobel laureates. Seventeen hundred young geniuses some as young as 14 battle it out in one venue for a place in the top three and $50 000. But behind every young Einstein is a story of the usual teen frailty as well and this is what makes this film both inspirational and heart warming.

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Cristina Costantini has made the move from investigative journalism to filmmaking with her debut feature documentary, Science Fair. Long before Cristina was an journalist, she was a science fair nerd. As a dweeby high school kid, the international science fair is where she found her tribe. Science Fair is a love letter to a world that validated her during the dark years that are high school. As a freshman, she placed fourth and it changed her life.

Darren Foster is co-founder of MUCK Media, the production company that produced Science Fair. His work has appeared on VICE, Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, CNN, ABC, and Channel 4 (UK).

Director: Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster

Producer: Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster, Jeffrey Plunkett

Camera: Peter Alton

Editor: Tom Maroney, Alejandro Valdes-Rochin

Music: Jeff Morrow



Friday 20th July, 2.45pm, The RoadHouse Cinema

Sunday 22nd July, 12.30pm, The RoadHouse Cinema


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