Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

Stephen Nomura Schible, Japan, USA, 2017, 100’

Stephen Schible’s portrait of legendary composer Ryuichi Sakomoto goes much deeper than the composer’s fame for scores like The Last Emperor and The Revenant. The film is huge – it overflies modern Japanese history, through Europe, to America and settles to fight a series of arguments through his music: progress and tradition; risk and stagnation; artefact and prototype. But Sakomoto, now fighting cancer of the windpipe has many times also stepped down from the podium to join protesters at the barricades on issues such as Japanese renuclearization after the Fukushima tragedy, the Iraq war and many other human rights violations. Defying doctors’ orders to rest, the musician works with more urgency, plucking natural and man-made sounds from the environment recombining them again and again till they gain a second life. Here we see, not his last but his greatest work.

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Stephen Nomura Schible was born in Tokyo Japan, and studied film at New York University. After working as an assistant director to the documentary filmmaker Kazuo Hara, he has gone on to co-producer Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning drama Lost in Translation, among other films. He directed and produced Eric Clapton: Sessions for Robert J. In 2017 he made Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.









Director: Stephen Nomura Schible

Producer: Eric Nyari, Stephen Nomura Schible

Camera: Tom Richmond, Neo Sora

Editor: Keiko Deguchi, Hisayo Kushida, Yuji Oshige

Sound: Tom Paul

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Website: https://coda.mubi.com


Sunday 22nd July, 8.00pm, The RoadHouse Cinema


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