Next Generation Student Short Documentary Competition



We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2018 Next Generation Student Short Documentary Competition!

This is the sixth time that Guth Gafa will host this unique competition. Students from across the country were invited to submit short documentaries in the area of human rights, social and environmental issues.

An international jury of three industry experts and/or filmmakers will choose will choose the winning film which will be announced following the screening of the shortlisted films on Sunday 22nd July at 12.15pm in the Adam Room, Headfort House. Checkout the shortlisted films below. To book your tickets please follow the ‘Book Your Tickets Online Now’ tab on our menu bar.


The Shortlist

‘At A Glance’

Taofeeqat Olanlokun, 2018, 10’







At a Glance aims to give the audience an insight into the head of these who have been subjected to harassment on the streets. In this short film, we follow an everyday journey of one woman as she acts as a representative of ‘every women’ as their different experiences and emotions of street harassment echoes over her.


‘The Face of Racism’

Morenike Akigbogun, 2018, 5’






The Face of Racism explores the experiences of three women living in Ireland who confront a deeply personal hate crime.


‘Growing Strong’

Peter Melrose, 2018, 10’






Growing Strong is a short observational documentary about Integrated Education in Derry – Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Integrated Education aspires to bring divided Nationalist and Unionist communities together by accepting children from all backgrounds and faiths to learn, play and grow together. Children are the future. Education is the key.


The Irish Question’

Ara Devine, 2018, 5’






The Irish Question is a projected two-channel film that examines footage from Irish archives, followed by videos and photographs taken by asylum seekers in direct provision. A spoken narrative in both Irish and Arabic, with English subtitles, describes the story of growing up in Ireland.


‘The Last Miner’

 Luke Brabazon, 2018, 7’





The last man working alone in his father’s failing coal mine, Jim Power, is faced with a difficult decision. Continue the work in the tunnels which he was brought up to do, or move forward into an uncertain future?


‘Pirates of the Airwaves’

Adrian O’Connell, 2018, 7’






A documentary short about pirate radio that fuelled the underground dance scene in Dublin and fed music to a new youth movement in the 90’s, before internet became a household thing and before any of the majoy broadcaster’s touched this new music. The documentary talks to some of the DJs from the scene who have been involved in pirate radio over the last 25 years.


‘The Screaming Minority’

Andrew McConnell, JJ McDunphy, 2018, 13’






The Screaming Minority follows the response of artists and activists to the gun violence crisis happening in the United States. The film examines how certain organisations and individuals can channel their frustration and turn it into action.



Laura Nugent, 2018, 8’






While the workings of the mind can be abstract concepts for most of us, the feelings that can arise from our inner worlds are very much concrete. To be detached, is a common experience. However for some, it can be much more extreme. This documentary seeks to externalise the dissociated mind.


The Competition PrizeThe winner will receive mentorship on your next film project by esteemed filmmakers connected to the Guth Gafa festival, and also one day of post-production from Screen Scene and one day of sound post-production at Ardmore Sound. The prize must be used within 12 months of winning.


Sunday 22nd July, 12.15pm, The Adam Room Cinema (plus awards ceremony)


Please book your tickets online through the booking link below. Once you book your ticket online you will be required to bring the ticket that was emailed to you, for entry to the film. You can print your ticket at home, or present your ticket to be scanned on your mobile phone at the door of the venue. It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance as there is no guarantee of tickets still being available at the box office, on the festival site. In order to secure a seat for the film of your choice we recommend you book in advance. However, if you wish to book your tickets at the festival please note that the festival box office takes cash only. The nearest ATM to Headfort House is in Kells Town (approx. 2kms) & and there are no card facilities at the box office.

Parental Guidance Note

These films have been deemed appropriate by the Guth Gafa Programming Team as suitable for children 14 and over. However, parental discretion is always advise and we ask parents to consider the film synopsis and watch the film trailer before purchasing tickets.

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