Brett Morgen, USA, 2017, 90’

More than 100 hours of footage, presumed lost but rediscovered in 2014, documents the work of Jane Goodall in Tanzania, where in 1960 she became the first person to study the life of chimpanzees in the wild. At the time, naturalists had no idea that these animals could be dangerous, says the celebrated primatologist, who’s now 83. She certainly believed that she would come to no harm, because she was where she belonged. With director Brett Morgen, she looks back at her life and groundbreaking work. It’s chiefly the young Jane we see, through the lens of Hugo van Lawick, a famous filmmaker for National Geographic. He was commissioned to document her research, but the two fell in love. This shows through the way he films her, for example as she washes her hair in the river. Through his material and Jane’s memories, some of the chimpanzees also become real personalities. They end up playing a decisive role in Jane’s life. The score is by Philip Glass.

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Brett Morgen was born in Los Angeles and is a graduate of Hampshire College and NYU. Brett was once dubbed the “mad scientist” of documentary film by the New York Times. He has been directing writing, and producing ground breaking documentary films for the past 15 years. His credits include On the Ropes (1999), The Kids Stay in the Picture (2002), Nimrod Nation (2008), Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015), Jane (2017) is his latest feature film.






Director: Brett Morgen

Producer: Brett Morgen, Bryan Burk, James Smith

Camera: Hugo van Lawick, Ellen Kuras

Editor: Joe Beshenkovsky, Brett Morgen, Will Zndaric

Sound: Warren Shaw, Joshua Paul Johnson

Music: Philip Glass

Website: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/jane-the-movie/


Friday 20th July, 5.45pm, The Adam Room Cinema


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