Becoming Who I Was



Chang-Yong Moon, Jin Jeon, South Korea, 2016, 95’

Rinpoche is a title belonging to reincarnated Buddhist leaders in the Tibetan tradition; a great soul returning to lead and enlighten the faithful. This reincarnation may become apparent when the subject is very young, leaving little choice for the young monk but to assume the responsibility of leadership. Directors Moon Chang-yong and Jin Jeon have faithfully reflected this tradition in a film that is respectful but also funny, sad and deeply soulful, not only because of the religious context but because the film is a love story. The story charts the relationship between the very young Padma Angdu and his godfather and spiritual guide Urgan Rigzin who devotes his life to helping the young lama in his quest – to return to his monastery from his Indian birthplace. The bond between them grows in strength and purity on the journey to Tibet as the young boy attempts to turn away from childhood and take up the mantle of Rinpoche.

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Chang-Yong Moon is an established director and cinematographer from South Korea. Since 1998, his ability to observe and to pay attention to detail has led to his signature documentaries that have won many awards. His accolades includes winning the EBS Prize for Excellence (2009), and the Best Documentary Award Grand Prize at KIPA (2011).

Jin Jeon is a Producer/Director, who was raised as a third-culture kid in ten cities across four countries. She currently produces human-interest documentaries for South Korean broadcasters. She has also worked in the newsroom, and produced a travel program featuring stories in and around Asia.

Director: Chang-Yong Moon, Jin Jeon

Producer: Chang-Yong Moon, Jin Jeon

Camera: Chang-Yong Moon, Jin Jeon

Editor: Chang-Yong Moon, Jin Jeon

Sound: Ji Young Jeong

Music: Seo Jung-Li



Saturday 21st July, 12.15pm, The Adam Room Cinema


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